Malware Exists!

a "no shit sherlock" moment for reflection on hype and delusions of grandeur.

What happened?

We all know about meltdown and spectre, and for the sake of coherence with the rest of this page, I will refrain from using infographics to describe these serious issues in a fullharty and fearmongering way. Unlike other, there is no attempt here to make your feeble rat brain sell off all of your AMD stock.

Should I panic like an idiot?

I don't know. Maybe. I mean it's your life, but I'll go ahead and point you towards people who actually know how to release information about a vulnerability instead of capitalizing on instant fame. There is this concept that is common enough to have a wikipedia page that you can look at called responsible disclosure... really neat stuff, but not as neat as infographics!!

What is this site for?

Honestly, I don't really know. All I know is there aren't very many pretty pictures here. But hey, wikipedia seems to know about responsible disclosure, so mayber these guys needed a link to it! Maybe they don't know about it, or maybe they just want to short sell some AMD stock.

4 Lines of BS

(note to self: make pretty infographics instead of a real white paper.)
  1. cool names
  2. perfect timing
  3. people who forgot that malware exists regardless of CPU
  4. short selling

The Media (not fake news): reports AMD's response (AMD is a legitimate company)(click to review) reports how shady CTS-Labs is behaving (CTS-Labs is completely unheard of)(click to review) you need administrative privileges and nearly complete access to the system? Sounds JUST like spectre and meltdown... NOT...(click to review) responsibility, it isn't CTS's policy.. Read about it here.. False flag, or zero day? Maybe they intended a zero day and had an off by one error...hehe..
Still don't get it? See what Linus Torvalds thinks.